Water Pipes & Bongs

We’ve got a large variety of awesome pieces. Add to the collection or get started with something new. We are definitely a central hub of Grand Rapids custom glass. Find a better combination of quality, function, and value at Hyzer’s of Grand Rapids. Learn more about the water pipes and bongs we carry »

Rolling Papers

Get your rolling papers, tips and rollers. For traditional tobacco joints or a fat cone stuffed with the finest medical marijuana, Hyzer’s has your favorite brands. Read more about the best rolling papers for you »

High End Glass

Other Grand Rapids smoke shops fill their shelves with cheap Indian and Chinese glass and overcharge for it. We tend to stockpile local and American made glass pipes, bowls, oil rigs, bongs, and water pipes. We can offer the absolute best prices on glass. Read more about our custom high end glass»

Heady Oil Rigs

Our selection of oil rigs and mini tubes features dozens of American artists. Always priced to move. Affordable artistry in heady glass, here in Grand Rapids. Read more about heady oil rigs»

Concentrate Accessories

From super thick quartz bangers, to carb caps, drop downs and e-nails, we offer everything you’re looking for, especially if you have a Michigan Medical Marijuana card.

More about concentrate accessories »

Glass Pipes

No other smoke shop in Grand Rapids can match the amount of different American made glass pipes and bowls than Hyzer’s. We feature over 60 different artists. Ergonomic and gorgeous glass pieces, many of which are locally made. Read more about choosing the right glass pipe »

Digital Scales

Whether you are weighing out a dose of kratom, or making sure you are under your Michigan Medical Marijuana limit, Hyzer’s offers a ton of different kinds of digital scales for sale to suit your needs as a consumer or caregiver. Read more about finding quality scales »

Herbal Grinders

Hyzer’s in Grand Rapis has a large selection of tobacco and medical marijuana grinders to choose from. From low end acrylic to higher end anodized stainless steel, there is a grinder for any legal use. Read more to find the perfect grinder »


Popular vaporizers at affordable prices in Grand Rapids. We carry portable concentrate vaporizers and table top units which are perfect for medical marijuana patients. Learn more about vaporizer types and what would work best for you »


Kratom is a member of the mint family and is indigenous to Southeast Asia. It has been used for hundreds of years for things like pain, stress relief, and energy among other things. Learn more about the uses and types of kratom we offer »

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