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What is kratom?

  • Kratom has been used as an herbal supplement and remedy for hundreds of years.
  • Kratom is a member of the mint family, native to Southeast Asia.
  • Kratom’s benefits include:
    • increased energy
    • minor pain relief
    • stress management
    • reduced exhaustion
    • improved mental health
    • healing various physical ailments
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Types of Kratom available at Hyzer’s in Grand Rapids, MI:

  • White Vain
    • Hyzer’s white vain kratom is known to boost energy.
    • Grand Rapids kratom users have compared it to a strong cup of coffee.
  • Green Vain
    • Hyzer’s green vain kratom is known to both boost energy and aid in relaxation, with a mild euphoria.
    • Compared to Hyzer’s kratom, this falls in the middle of the spectrum between white and red.
  • Red Vain
    • Hyzer’s red vain kratom is used for relaxation and mild euphoria
    • Kratom users in Grand Rapids, MI have stated it is best for killing pain.
  • Maeng Da
    • Hyzer’s Maeng Da kratom is a strong type of green.



We offer ounces of bulk Hyzer’s kratom starting at $20. That’s about $.50 per gram. Many local shops in Grand Rapids sell Kratom for over $2 per gram!